Netaji At A Glance

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose was the greatest nationalist of 20th Century India. Credit for our independence in 1947 belongs largely to his charismatic and selfless leadership and to the patriotic zeal and sacrifices of his INA soldiers.

Subhash was a great visionary and a statesman beyond contemporary comparison. He had abiding faith in India’s historical and cultural heritage and believed in India’s destiny as a democratic, just, humane, prosperous and strong India based on nationalism, patriotism, discipline, service and sacrifice. His focus was on religious cohesion and socio- economic justice through education and industrialization.

Today after 71 years of independence and in spite of considerable progress in several fields, our nation once again confronts difficult and turbulent times. Terrorism from across our borders, cast and religious divides in society, a self-serving polity, corruption, lopsided socio-economic development and a crisis of values and identity are only some symptoms of serious malaise which if not treated in time can threaten the fabric of our society and indeed the very integrity of the country. It is time we took a page from Netaji’s life.

It is unfortunate that his role and contribution in our freedom struggle as also his advice on building a democratic, prosperous and strong India have been marginalized and ignored over the past seven decades. There is imperative and urgent need to take Netaji’s philosophy, ideology and advice to our youth so that they may meaningfully lead the nation to a better tomorrow.